Yes, I’m Still The Honeydew Henna Artist.

I did something a little counter cultural this week that has perhaps caught some off guard. I deleted my Facebook business page as well as my personal page and, in fact, all of my social media accounts. This doesn’t mean that I’m no longer a henna artist, or that I don’t have a business anymore, as you might assume nowadays from the absence of a social media presence. What it means is that I would like my online presence to be completely real and in my case that means being self motivated, not engagement motivated. Maybe you already know what I’m talking about and maybe you think I’m nuts but either way you’ll still be able to find my work here and my services and any content that I feel the need to share or write about. Please come and find me here. Some of my services will be going through some changes, so do keep an eye out for that and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or requests.


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