Summer 2018 Henna Calendar

Edit July 13, 2018 – I’ve added a market date for Monday, August 6 at the Fort Langley Village Farmer’s Market for their BC Day festivities. Can’t wait to see you there!


I’ve put together my calendar of markets and events that you’ll find me hawking my henna as well as all of the juicy craft items I’ve been working on from thrifted and upgraded purses and ceramics to canvas paintings all with henna flair. Swing by any one of these events and get some henna on or buy cones to make your own art with. That’s right! I’ll be selling pre-made cones at my markets this year too. Just $7 for take home fun with the quality that makes this art safe for kids and doesn’t burn or smell like turpentine. Can’t wait to meet you at the market!

If you can’t make it out to where I’m at, don’t forget you can always set up a party or appointment and I’ll meet you when and where you like!

Where to find Honeydew Henna Summer 2018

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