Laptop Cover

A few weeks ago our home PC decided to give up the ghost and after some attempts to fix it (I am married to an IT guy) we decided instead to order some refurbished laptops from one of his suppliers. One of the upsides to having the same laptop was that we could share a docking station, but one of the downsides being no distinguishing features to tell whose is whose when they’re closed on the desk or table. It’s not a huge problem and I’m sure a few stickers could have solved it, but being that I’m an artist with high quality paint Greg encouraged me to put something more distinctive on our laptops. I have plans to decorate Greg’s too, but I started with mine and I’m so happy with how it came out. It’s not perfect since it’s mostly freehand, but I do love how it turned out!

Honeydew Doula and Henna

When I was coming up with the idea for this design I really wanted something that would include Moroccan elements like the triangles and antennae-looking parts, but I didn’t want the design to be too masculine. I also decided to include the border with flower buds so that the larger mandalas would be tied together.

The paint that I used is an acrylic that is very thick and sits on top of the laptop lid in a similar way to how henna sits on skin when the paste is first applied. It is my preferred paint for these kinds of crafts particularly for this reason and I cone it just like I would cone a batch of fresh henna paste. This allows me to recreate the exact design elements that I would use in body art since it requires the same technique and muscle memory.


Honeydew Doula and Henna

I’ve found that this particular paint holds up very well to the rigors of use that I put my laptop through. Which is to say I’m generally gentle with my equipment, but I can’t speak for my kids. I’ve had the paint on it for weeks now without any chipping or damage whatsoever, which is pretty impressive.

I have design ideas for my husband’s laptop that include circuitry. I can’t wait to get that done for him!

As always, I welcome custom work so if you are interested in having something similar done for yourself, either on your laptop or someplace else I’d love to hear your ideas and chat about what you might be interested in seeing done! To let me know your ideas, just use the contact page you’ll find here on my website.