Back Henna

Since before summer started, I’ve been itching to do a large back design and the other day I finally got the opportunity to put one on someone. As you can imagine, it’s not the sort of thing I can do for myself and the design style I had in mind was distinctly feminine so there would be no convincing my husband to sit for me. So the summer nearly wasted away before I got my chance, but I’m so glad that it did come together because, check it out!

Honeydew Doula and Henna

For this design I wanted to be able to stack mandalas and detailed, condensed shapes into one piece. I didn’t want trailing flowery bits, but more of a bold shape that would be well suited to some traditional Indian elements aside from the more flowing paisleys you might see in bridal hands. Although I didn’t have the best light for photographing the design, since the best time of day for appointments is evening, you can see the elements in a stark contrast here that goes well with the boldness of this design.

Honeydew Doula and Henna

The reason behind choosing a bold design for this back henna piece is because backs tend to stain more subtly and often those trailing vines and swirly ends can get lost if the design is light. Hopefully I’ll be getting some stain result pictures from this client that I can share here as well and you’ll be able to see how it turned out on her.

The application of this design was about 1.5 hrs, but replications of it would go much faster as I wouldn’t be contemplating each element before adding it. That’s the way it tends to be for “artist’s choice” (when you say, “just come up with something pretty”); the design execution takes much longer, but you come away with something that is truly unique… at least until someone else asks me for that design again 😉

If you’re interested in something similar, or something completely new or you want to know what I can do in your price range, use the contact form here on my website and let me know what you were thinking. I’d love to find out what you’re after!