For Special Occasions

Your day will be special no matter what! Want your henna to be just as fabulous as you are? Check out what I can do then tell me what you're after and I'll come up with something incredible, just for you. Don't forget to book early for best availability!

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Private Appointments

Even if you aren't booking for a special event, you can still get your own gorgeous temporary tattoo for any occasion, maternity photo shoots, or just for fun! You'll get all natural, hand made and expertly executed henna every time.

If you're expecting a little one, be sure to check out my birth doula site at!

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Party On!

Get all of your girl friends together for a party and I'll bring the henna! Everyone gets a fabulous design and all the fun of doing it with your friends too!

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The craft...

Each design I make, whether completely off the cuff or drafted to perfection, begins long before laying down the first line. It begins when I mix my paste. I mix my own paste and roll my own cones because it is the best way to be sure of the product I'm sharing with my clients and to guarantee the best results.

As with any art, practice makes progress. Every time I pick up a henna cone or sit down with pencil and paper I work hard to push my skills and creativity to the next level. Speed and accuracy are intertwined with tradition and modification in this beautiful, living art and I just love sharing it with people!

Have a browse around the gallery or check out my henna FAQ but don't forget to check back often to find out about upcoming events and to see my latest work!



I'm Ready!

Let's talk about what you'd like done.